1st Legionnaire Division Combat Patch for Arma 3:

- The 1st Legionnaire Division prides itself in helping the new and old players with any and all First Person Shooters games. 

- We have No age limit, No gender limitations; and mostly Rotation of OP Commander

- We do not allow foul language

- We prefer Soldiers who serve the 1st Legionnaire Division as a realistic Unit.

- We as 1st Legionnaire Division; are proud of our core values "Honor, Truth, and Courage."

- We are the elite of first person shooters since 1996.

- We can all have a great time; just by pretending to be real Soldiers. 

- I am X-Army from the early 1980's, I served as a Training Corporal at Fort Benning, Ga, Training Kills. My MOS was "11-Xray ". Server in the 3rd Mechanized Infantry, in Germany.