1st Legionnaire Division Combat Patch for Arma 3:

- The 1st Legionnaire Division prides itself in helping the new and older players           with Arma 3, First Person Shooter, and Tactical games. 

- We have No age limit, No gender limitations; and we Rotate our Commanders            of Operations; this is to allow all personnel to learn tactics and leadership.

- We operate the 1st Legionnaire Division as a realistic Unit; with Squad,                        Platoon, Company, Battalion, and Division.

- We as 1st Legionnaire Division; are proud of our core values "Honor, Truth,                  and Courage."

- We are the elite of first person shooters since 1999.

- We can all have a great time and build character as Soldiers. 

          [Once a Soldier, always a Soldier.]

- For X-Military; (Computer gaming has always allowed me to redirect my                      thoughts, most will understand what I am referring too.)

- I am X-Army from the early 1980's.                                                                                        (My MOS was "11-Xray" and then "11-Charlie" as a Fire Direction Controller.)